Mujibnagar Government

On 10th April 1971 in Mujibnagar, elected parliament members of 1970’s election from East Pakistan formed Bangladesh Government. The cabinet took oath on 17th April at liberated area in mango grove of Baidyanathtala (Bhoborpara) Meherpur, Kustia [Present Name is Mujibnagar] . This government took all policy decisions with respect to liberation war.

Bangladesh government adapted ” Declarations of Independence ” on 10th April 1971. This has been the legal basis of Bangladesh constitution after final victory.

Ministry of Mujibnagar Government in 17-April-1971 on Mujibnagar Mango Grove

Mujibnagar Post Office in 1971 Postal Activities of Mujibnagar Government

The Mujibnagar Government take oath here (Mujibnagar Memorial Monument for Remember Mujibnagar Government)