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Mujibnagar Info Portal (MUJIBNAGAR.COM) is a Non-profit and privet/personal (Unofficial) website.  We always want to share information about Mujibnagar, Mujibnagar History, Mujibnagar Complex, Mujibnager Picnic Sport, Others Tourist & Historical Place in Meherpur District.



This Website is Develop by Simsan Mallick & Glossy IT. MUJIBNAGAR.COM was started from tactical interest of Simsan Mallick in 16 June 2010. He start learning Web Development by building this website. 

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This is a Non-Profit and Personal (Un-Official) website for Mujibnagar. Mujibnagar Information Portal ( MUJIBNAGAR.COM ). We always want to give all information about Mujibnagar, Mujibnagar Government, Mujibnagar History, Mujibnagar Complex, Mujibnagar Memorial Monument, Mujibnager Picnic Sport and more Information... Read More

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